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CONVENIENT: Located near Houston in the Bayport Industrial District; Alpha Technical Services offers a comprehensive array of superior cleaning services, equipment inspection, repair and waste management assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our cleaning and repair facility was designed with the idea of minimizing the downtime of railcars or containers by providing a wide range of services for the transportation industry. Based in Pasadena, Texas we also offer in-plant and mobile field services, including industrial cleaning and a wide range of environmental services, primarily for those customers in the petrochemical industry.

COMPREHENSIVE: By combining technical expertise, extensive training, state-of-the-art facilities, flexible permits and qualified project management, the customer receives a level of comprehensiveness not commonly found in the cleaning and remediation industry. Every chemical, chemical mixture or waste material that ATS manages undergoes a thorough Health, Safety and Environmental review process to ensure that the material can and will be managed in compliance with all permits and in a manner that provides for continued employee safety. By utilizing detailed procedures and thorough quality control, every ATS customer consistently obtains quality services.

COMPLIANT: ATS management personnel have decades of experience dealing with complex environmental issues such as heel/residue management, onsite waste treatment, air permitting and compliant wastewater management. This familiarity with the regulations and proper operating practices allows our customers to feel confident that their containers and waste materials will be managed properly and in compliance with all regulations. A key part of ATS’s mission is mitigating the liability of our customers when it comes to management of hazardous chemicals and wastewaters.

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