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ATS routinely handles and cleans in excess of 1900 distinct chemical constituents and thousands of wastes and chemical mixtures made up of those constituents. Before a new product or waste mixture can be approved for handling, it must be evaluated for health and safety issues and permit compliance.

The ATS HSE review process incorporates the following elements:

• MSDS, waste profile and/or third party documentation review
• Identification of required PPE, including chemical protective suit and gloves
• Specification of required respiratory protection
• Atmospheric monitoring equipment and method
• Emission control equipment required for compliant handling
• Hazards and precaution statements
• Suitable waste containers and disposition for heels, first flush and rinse water
• Container labeling instructions
• Inspection criteria
• Operational steps for cleaning
• DOT and EPA classification and codes

The information determined during the HSE review is entered into the IT work process system. Details of the requirements specific to each are printed out on the work order giving guidance to the manager and technicians for each project. In addition, wastes and products are subject to an annual HSE review to help ensure the information remains current and in concert with current management practices at ATS.

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