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NEWS & UPDATES: 2001-2005


June, 2005
ATS Successfully Completes Pond Remediation Project – Edwards AFB, California
Description: http://www.alphatechserv.com/sub/sub-images/EAFB.jpgResponding with 10-day notification, ATS mobilized equipment and personnel to excavate and remove contaminated salt and sand from a detention pond located at Edwards AFB in California. The approximately $100,000 project involved transportation and disposal of over 1 million pounds of solid waste plus a significant amount of wastewater disposal. The project was estimated to take two weeks, and ATS successfully completed the pond remediation in 6 working days.

January, 2005
ATS Opens New Pasadena, Texas Office
ATS announces the opening of its new office located at:
5100 Underwood Road
Pasadena, Texas 77507
Phone: (281) 291-7453
Fax: (281) 291-7610
The new office will be the principal location for ATS’s sales and marketing effort related to its environmental/industrial services as well as railcar and container cleaning operations. ATS’s corporate office will remain in west Houston.

January, 2005
ATS Awarded 12-Month Tank Cleaning Management Contract
ATS announces the award of a 12-month contract for managing all tank cleaning during a conversion of the Merisol chemical manufacturing facility located in Houston, Texas. The on-site ATS team is responsible for developing the bidding support documents, qualifying potential contractors and assisting purchasing with contractor selection. This contract, valued at over $400,000, also includes site safety and operational oversight.


January, 2004
ATS Awarded Tank Cleaning & Repair Contract – Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
ATS was recently awarded a contract for cleaning, repair and inspection of a JP-8 Fuel tank at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ATS was contacted due to previous successful projects at the base, and the combination of tank expertise and waste management that ATS possesses was required for the job. The contract, valued at over $150,000, entails removal of hydrocarbon sludge, cleaning for inspection, visual and nondestructive testing of the tank and associated piping, and tank repair. Repair items known in advance for the floating roof tank include replacement of various valves, removal and replacement of the roof seal, and removal and replacement of the roof drain.

April, 2004
ATS Successfully Completes PCB Disposal from Japan/SE Asia
On December 18, 2002, the Department of Defense published a Notice of Availability of a Finding of No Significant Impact and the availability of the Final Environmental Assessment (“EA”) for the Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyl-Containing Items from Japan and Wake Island. The final EA evaluated the environmental impacts of the transport to the United States, from military bases in Japan and Wake Island, of approximately 1650 tons of obsolete electrical equipment, articles and related material (including liquids and packaging materials) containing polychlorinated biphenyls (“PCB’s”). The PCB-containing waste was shipped on a single cargo vessel in one large shipment. ATS successfully managed receipt, verification of proper DOT documentation, unloading, unpacking and proper disposal and recycling. The approximately 200 sea vans received into Port Hueneme, California were loaded onto 100 trucks in a period of 3 days for shipment to the US Ecology disposal facility in Beatty, Nevada.

Upon completion of recycling and disposal activities, ATS successfully tracked and provided certificates of recycling or disposal for every pound shipped during the 3-day period.

December, 2004
ATS Announces Cleaning Facility Expansion in Pasadena, Texas
ATS is announcing the expansion of its container cleaning facility located in the Bayport Chemical Complex, Pasadena, Texas. The facility features a 17,000 sq.ft. building housing rail and container bays, a 50’ air-assisted flare, multiple scrubber systems, a carbon adsorption unit and a wastewater treatment system. Capabilities include 15 railspots for cleaning, repair or transloading as well as 6 spots for cleaning tank trailers, isotainers, boxes and frac tanks.
ATS is permitted to clean and manage over 1500 chemicals at the expanded facility and specializes in difficult to clean materials such as those that are toxic inhalation hazards, reactive, hazardous wastes or halogenated chemicals. The facility is conveniently located south of the Houston Ship Channel at 5180 Underwood Road in Pasadena and is served by the Union Pacific Railroad
seven days per week.

Link to location map
Link to drawing of facility


January, 2003
ATS Selected Defense Logistics Agency’s New Contractor of the Year
Description: http://www.alphatechserv.com/sub/sub-images/New-ContractorAwardsm.jpgThe Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”), a branch of the Department of Defense, announced Alpha Technical Services as their New Contractor of the Year for 2002. This award was primarily based on the outstanding performance of ATS in setting up an on-site waste treatment operation on the island of Guam on behalf of the DLA and the U.S. Navy. ATS was also awarded a contract for disposal of wastewater from the chemical weapons disposal facility in Tooele, Utah, and engineered a successful contract startup in late 2002.
The combination of these two large contracts put ATS ‘on the map’ as far as contracting resources for the Department of Defense. ATS takes tremendous pride in its ability to provide unique solutions to client problems, and the award is a reflection of that ability.

March, 2003
ATS Awarded 12-Month Port Hueneme/March AFB, and Edwards AFB Disposal Contract
ATS was awarded a 12-month emergency action contract to take over the waste packaging, transportation and disposal requirements for several Department of Defense installations in the Los Angeles, California area. Stepping in where another contractor had failed to perform, ATS has successfully started operations on an accelerated timeframe while meeting or exceeding the bases expectations. Among the military bases included in the contract are Port Hueneme, March AFB, Point Mugu, Edwards AFB and approximately 35 other military and support installations.

June, 2003
ATS Awarded Tank Cleaning at Chevron LaCostex Superfund Remediation
ATS was awarded a contract for tank cleaning and site support services for remediation of the abandoned Chevron facility, formerly Gulf Oil, located in LaCoste, Texas. The remediation work includes drafting of the work plan, cleaning of over twenty tanks, removal and recycling of various types of hydrocarbons, and cleaning of various vessels including an underground railcar and oil/water separator. ATS’s cleaning expertise will be utilized to allow the client to realize the scrap value of the tanks, while recycling the majority of the tank contents at no cost.

November, 2003
ATS Announces Bill Reeves as Director- Sales & Marketing
In November, 2003 ATS announced that Bill Reeves joined the management team heading up the sales and marketing effort. Mr. Reeves has over 30 years experience in the field of environmental management related activities including sales. He most recently completed almost 20 years with The GNI Group holding positions including VP Sales & Marketing and VP Regulatory Affairs.


June, 2002
ATS Completes Phase I of the Textin Superfund Site Remediation Contract
ATS was selected as the hazardous waste management and tank cleaning contractor as part of a team effort to remediate the abandoned Textin Superfund Site in Texas City, Texas. Dating back to the 1940’s, the Textin site was used as a repository for multiple types of hazardous materials, particularly heavy-metal contaminated sludges and ash.

ATS cleaned over 150 tanks containing hazardous materials and shipped hundreds of tons of hazardous waste off-site for disposal at approved treatment, storage and disposal facilities. ATS also characterized and managed disposal of a variety of special wastes, including PCB-containing capacitors and transformers, asbestos-containing material, rubber tires and railroad ties.
Working to meet an EPA-mandated timetable, the majority of the hazardous material shipments and tank cleanings were successfully completed during a 90-day time period from February through April of 2002.

October, 2002
ATS Awarded 3-Year Tooele Chemical Weapons Facility Disposal Contract
The Tooele Chemical Weapons Disposal Facility (TOCDF), located in Tooele, Utah, generates large volumes of hazardous wastewater as a result of chemical weapons incineration. This wastewater, known as scrubber brine, is primarily generated from the incinerator’s scrubber system which breaks down trace contaminants in the waste gas from the incinerator.

ATS was awarded a 3-year contract to manage the safe transportation and disposal of the scrubber brine. The award of this contract, estimated at over $5 million, is due primarily to ATS management’s previous experience with similar contracts. ATS management has decades of experience with the contracting branch, the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service - a division of the U.S. Department of Defense.


ATS Awarded US Navy Guam Remediation Contract
Capitalizing on its reputation as a problem-solver in the field of waste management, ATS was awarded a waste remediation contract on the island of Guam in the South Pacific. A sea van containing Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH) exploded while being unloaded at the U.S. Navy COMNAVMAR station on Guam. The subsequent investigation uncovered a dangerous situation where 40 sea vans containing FRH’s, a water-reactive material, were generating highly explosive hydrogen gas. ATS was contacted by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, a branch of the Department of Defense, and asked to devise a plan of action to remediate the dangerous situation. After discussions with Guam EPA and the Guam Marine Safety Office, it was determined that an on-island RCRA treatment system could be implemented to treat the waste and keep the unstable material from jeopardizing an ocean-going cargo freighter.
Since on-island disposal options were limited to non hazardous waste, ATS applied for and was granted an Emergency 90-day RCRA Treatment Permit to deactivate the approximately 2.8 million FRH’s. ATS successfully completed this job on December of 2001, after mobilizing equipment and personnel to the island.

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