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In addition to its vast array of cleaning capabilities, ATS offers railcar inspection and repair services.

Services include:

  • Tank Car Service Equipment Qualification
  • Change of Service
  • Interchange
  • Light Wreck Repair
  • Heavy Freight Car Repairs

Other services currently offered include:

  • HM-216 Tank Car Qualification
  • NDT Services
  • Covered and Open Top Hopper Repairs

ATS manages both cleaning and repair services with a focus on quality and quick turnaround. Union Pacific services the Pasadena facility via Bayport Rail Terminal.


  • AAR M-1002 Tank Car Facility
  • M-1003 Quality Assurance Program
  • Heavy Freight Car Repairs
  • Tank Car Repairs

General Repairs

  • Interchange Repairs
  • Light Wreck Repairs
  • Structural Welding Repairs
  • Mobile Repairs
  • Stenciling / Paint Touch-ups
  • Lining Touch-ups

HM-216 Tank Car Qualification and Inspection

  • Visual Inspection
  • Structural Integrity Inspection
  • Service Equipment Requalification
  • Onsite Valve Repair / Rebuilding
  • Safety System Inspection
  • Lining / Coating Inspection
  • Field Manual Rule 88b Inspection
  • Stub Sill Inspection

NDT Services

  • VT Direct Visual Inspection
  • RVI Remove Visual Inspection
  • UTT Ultrasonic Thickness
  • PT Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • MT Magnetic Particle Testing
  • LT Leak Testing

Covered and Open Top Hopper Repairs

  • Outlet Gate Change Outs
  • Hatch Cover Change Outs
  • Pressure Differential Equipment Service
  • Lining Inspection & Touch-ups


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  • Miscellaneous Electronic Billing and Invoicing
  • EDI Capabilities
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